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Looking for an Adhesive that hold onto a surface rock strong?

We are happy to offer you a super adhesive glue that is a must have to your home. Introducing Bondmaxo™️, a super strong adhesive and fast drying glue that has a low thickness making it easy to blend to the items or surfaces that needed to be glued.

It is ethyl-based cyanoacrylate adhesive that bonds almost immediately upon contact. It has a strong adhesion as quick as 30 seconds. It is specially formulated to stick and bond even the hardest surfaces perfectly, smoothly and evenly. It is odorless, waterproof, and weather resistant.

  • Easy Application, Super Strong and Fast Drying: Bondmaxo™️ comes with a pin-point nozzle that allows a precise application without dripping and oozing. It has an extra-long tip for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Wide Applicability: Perfect for every materials such as metal, glass, rubber, ceramic, porcelain, wood, plastic, leather, paper, stone fiber and even the hard-acidic woods. Add Mighty Universal Glue to your DIY Tool kits as must.
  • Waterproof and Odorless: Bondmaxo™️'s power doesn't get faded away with Water and also it offers no foul smell that harm your health.
  • Holds Strongly in 30 seconds: Its ethyl-based cyanoacrylate formula blends easily upon application without making lumps and start holding strongly onto the surface in just 30 seconds.

1 X Mighty Universal Glue

Bondmaxo™️ Sale priceRs. 799.00 Regular priceRs. 1,499.00