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Summers are here and so are the Mosquitoes and flies, they can cause health hazards and other infections to us. From applying mosquito repellent lotions to sprays, and chemical fogging, nothing seems to give us a long term solution for getting rid of those pesky mosquitoes

But not anymore, Introducing, Pestaxo™️, a Mosquito killer machine is designed in a way to tap directly into the mosquito's natural instinct and instantly trap them in this rigorously tested and science-backed Repeller.  

It is equipped with LED Bionic Violet Wave that is strong enough to attract bugs, a High powered suction fan to pull them into the trap and an Anti-escape box for effective bug elimination. With a widely compatible USB power cable, you can plug in the lamp almost anywhere conveniently.
For the Mosquito Free sleeps try Pestaxo™️ and save your family.

  • SILENT VACUUM: Once the mosquitos get within range of the trap, a strong vacuum fan will suck the mosquitos into an Anti-Escape Trap.
  • ANTI-ESCAPE, SUPER SILENT DRYING CHAMBER: Situated at the bottom of the vacuum fan gives mosquitos and other bugs nowhere to escape. The motion of the vacuum quickly drys and kills any bugs lured in without making any noise to give you a silent and sound sleep.
  • 100% NON-TOXIC & SAFE FOR KIDS, ADULTS & PETS: Unlike other sprays, creams and vapourised repellants, Pestaxo™️ is 100% Non-Toxic.  We effectively learned how to safely trap and kill them without any harmful sprays or radiations that can be dangerous for Kids, Infants/Babies and Pets.

  • EASY TO CLEAN & WATERPROOF: With the anti-escape apparatus, it is simple to turn and unlock the storage box to discard the dead mosquitoes. So you don’t need to worry about the cleaning problems. Cleaning the Machine is super easy at any time with Water.
  • USB POWERED AND COMPACT SIZE: Indoor mosquito traps are powered by USB so you can connect this with an adapter, power bank, computer, or any device with a USB port. It is very portable and convenient to carry outdoor for trips or camping.

Pestaxo™️ Sale priceRs. 999.00 Regular priceRs. 1,999.00