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Shiftzy™ - Furniture Mover

Sale priceRs. 999.00 Regular priceRs. 2,499.00

Moving heavy objects is now easy and affordable!
Shiftzy™, furniture sliders to relocate and rearrange furniture smoothly without a fuss.

Specially designed to lift and carry heavy furniture, Shiftzy™ gives you the freedom to move without any help. Equipped with 4 rollers under each plate, it smoothly glides on any surface. The roller plates are also provided with anti-skid pads to ensure stability and to prevent any disbalance. With a universal lever, lift the furniture and place the roller plates on each side.

Choose smart work over hard work, get Shiftzy™!
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  • No Lugging, No Hauling: 360° rotating anti-skid pads give the ultimate freedom to move the items in the desired direction or manner, making it easy to use for everyone. 

  • Safe and Versatile: Eases the entire process and safeguards your back and knees. Provided with rollers on the bottom, it drifts smoothly and leaves no scratches on the floor.
  • Time & Energy Saver: Relocating or rearranging is a hectic job, especially when you are doing it all alone. Shiftzy™ will however assist you to work efficiently, saving both your time and effort.

  • Sturdy and Wear-Proof: The hand lever is ergonomically designed to ensure safe handling. The roller base is made of thick ABS material, durable and environment-friendly.

  • Easy Storage: Small and compact in size, you can easily store or carry it inside your toolbox to save space. No matter if you're a professional mover or you need some resettling, Shiftzy™ is there for you.
Shiftzy™ - Furniture Mover
Shiftzy™ - Furniture Mover Sale priceRs. 999.00 Regular priceRs. 2,499.00